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Former Member
Jun 12, 2013 at 11:09 AM

Query in Positive TM


Hi Experts,

Pls let me know your thoughts on the below scenario:

Condition-1: Either for late coming or early going half day Casual Leave should be deducted from the Employee's Quota. This condition should be applied from the fourth occurance. That means for the first 3 occurances deduction should not happen and from the 4th occurance half day leave should be deducted for each late coming or early going in that month

Condition-2: On first day of every month the deduction value should be nullified. For Ex: Employee has come late for 4 times (29th&30th of Apr and 1st&2nd of May), then leave should not be deducted as the period is falling two months in between

Condition-3: Quota deduction priority should be as follows: Casual Leave (P1), Earned Leave (P2) and finally LOP (P3)

Thanks in advance!!!