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Sep 07, 2005 at 01:12 PM

use of XCBL in XI



the scenario I want to configure is the following :

ORDERS05 -> IDoc Adapter -> XI -> HTTP Adapter -> Supplier HTTPS server

The supplier told us that we should send him Purchase Orders compliant to the XCBL standard (

So I downloaded a zip file on this website containing a library of XSD files. There are about 30 XSD concerning Order Management (like BaseItemDetailType.xsd, OrderDatesType.xsd, etc.)

As far as I know the usual way to use XSD in XI is :

1. create a data type

2. import the XSD file coresponding to this data type

But this way of working wouldn't be very efficient with XCBL, because I would have to create so many data types just for one interface, and I guess the XSD imports in XI would fail (the XSD reference each others like this <xsd:import namespace="rrn:org.xcbl:schemas/xcbl/v4_0/core/core.xsd" schemaLocation="../../core/core.xsd" />, and I am not sure XI would understand something like ="../../core/core.xsd).

Does anyone know what is the correct way to use this XCBL library in XI ? I guess it must be possible because on the XCBL website, SAP is displayed as a partner of this standard...

Thank you in advance for any help.