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Jun 12, 2013 at 08:58 AM

IDOC's not reacing our NON-SAP MES System


Hello Experts.

We have a NON-SAP MES System which is registered on gateway of application Server with a program ID.

We have created a RFC Connection [Type -T] with registered server program.

We see in WE02 - with status "03" - "Data Passed to Port OK"; But actually the IDOCs are not at all received at Target MES System.

We did lot of activities, like restarts, mapped ti different app servers and so on, increased trace level of gateway and so on. But nothing given us light to know where the IDOCs were on hold.

Finally all of sudded after few hours, all the pending IDOCs received at MESS System.

In this Jucture, we request experts, how to understand , why the IDOCS were not received , even thoguh the stsatus is "03" and from where & how , they all reached in 1 go to MES System.