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Jun 11, 2013 at 04:05 PM

OCI parameters outbound - how are they sent?


Hi all,

I have a feeling this is a laughably simple question, but study the documentation as I might, I can't work something out.

We're a vendor with no SAP experience and no OCI experience developing a catalog application for a large customer who uses SAP. Our application is .NET based.

Reading through the OCI specs and looking at the outbound parameters, I made the assumption that these can be passed as simple URL parameters, tagged on to the URL. So, our customer would configure our app URL into their external catalogs set up, and then pass the user, HOOK_URL etc to us as part of the URL that gets generated when someone chooses to "punch out".

So, we set it up this way, got online with our customer and had them configure the external supplier appropriately. they punch out and do successfully reach our site, but the URL that SAP generates does not include the parameters. We used an HTTP spy tool and the parameters are nowhere to be seen in the HTTP traffic.

Our customer has successfully set up these OCI interfaces with a number of other vendors, but our contacts do not know HOW the OCI outbound parameters are being passed.

So, I went back to the spec document, and at no point does it say "and here's HOW those parameters are passed".

My question is - can they be passed as URL parameters? If not, what is the easiest alternative?