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Jun 11, 2013 at 04:07 PM

PO & Source List


Hello Gurus..

  1. While creating standard PO, when I enter the material number, quantity & Delivery date and then hit Enter, system is deleting the delivery date I keyed and populating the delivery date based on the lead time from info record. Is there any setting/note that can be used to NOT TO overwrite the PO delivery date if it is already entered?
  2. Source list question: We have two plants A & B, which manufacture a product 123, & Plant C gets the product from A & B. So I maintained the special procurement key for material 123 @ plant C as procuring from Plant A. Then I was trying to maintain the additional sources in the source list for material 123 @ plant C, and when I generate the source list, it doesn’t suggest the plant A & B as sources, is there any setting that needs to be done where I can see the internal plants as the valid sources for procurement? How is this scenario (internal plants as sources) handled in standard SAP?

Please suggest..