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Jun 11, 2013 at 03:27 PM

PARVW/PARTNER_Q if - then - else


Good morning all,

Wrapping up an IDoc to XML mapping and have a single field (in two maps) that's giving me problems.

(In SHPMNT05 to xml) for target @DESTour requirement is to provide the value of NAME 4 if it exists, if not then the value of PARTNER_ID when PARTNER_Q = WE

(In ORDRSDP to xml) for target @DEST we are looking to provide the value of ILNNR if it exists, if not then the value of PARTN, when PARVW = WE

I cannot get the if/then/else logic to work for the target @DEST in either map. I'm sure some of you have an idea on this one. Hopefully we can collaborate on a solution for each map!

root node for SHPMNT mapping:

@DEST target mapping logic:

root node for ORDRSP mapping:

@DEST target mapping logic:


8.JPG (15.1 kB)
9.JPG (17.4 kB)
10.JPG (18.8 kB)
11.JPG (17.1 kB)