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Jun 11, 2013 at 01:22 PM

Unable to connect to Data generator(AWS)



I've been trying to follow the steps on, but I'm unable to connect to the Data Generator.

I've set up my hosts file with my Elastic Ip Address and I can't reach my instance doing http://imdbhdb:8000 (or checking the security group on AWS, http://imdbhdb:30015).

Searching this forum, I found this topic , and I am able to connect to hana with Hana Studio via the default host name that was set-up(public dns+port). I changed my host name as a test and I was unable to connect to Sap hana from Hana Studio.

It might be my company firewall. but then I wouldn't be able to connect to Hana via Studio right?

Any help is welcome,

Best Regards,