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Jun 11, 2013 at 10:02 AM

Asset depreciation at year of acquisition


Hi experts:

I need to define depreciation so that it starts at begging of the year (year of acquisition) as configured at the system but without a bigger amount planed at the first period of depreciation.

The system plans all depreciation from the beginning of the year until the end, but at the first period of depreciation the system accumulates all depreciations of all periods from begging of the year until the first period of depreciation.

Want we wanted was that all planed first year depreciation were divided from the remaining periods until the end of the year.

For example:

Asset acquisition: 813,01; useful life : 1 year; begging of depreciation: march

  1. Planed depreciation: March 203,25 ( Jan – 67,75; Fev – 67,75; Mar 67,75) ; Apr-Dec 67,75
  2. What we need: Mar-Dec 81,30 ( = 813,03 / [periods from march untill Dez=10])

If the asset had more than one year of useful life, 2 years for example:

  1. Planed depreciation: March 101,63 ( Jan – 33,87; Fev – 33,87; Mar 33,87) ; Apr-Dec 33,87
  2. What we need: Mar-Dec 40,65 ( = 406,51 / [periods from march untill Dez=10])

At the second year, depreciation should be as proposed: 33,87 from jan until Dec

How can change planed depreciation to achieve want I need?

Best regards