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Jun 11, 2013 at 10:04 AM

Transform MM-Transfer Posting into a WM-Transfer between Storage Type


Hi all,

in my scenario I have 1 Plant "P001" with 1 Storage Location "W001" linked to 1 Warehouse Number "W01" with 2 Storage Type under (C01 - "Quality Check" and C02 - "Non compliant item").

In the Storage Type C01 - "Quality Check" I already have the stock that must be checked (Stock Q - Quality Stock).

If the quality check fail, I need to AUTOMATICALLY transfer the stock from the C01 Storage Type to the C02.

Whyle transferring the stock I need even to change the Stock type from "Q - Quality Stock" into "S - Blocked Stock".

In SAP MM, I think that the appropriate mov.type is the Transfer Posting (A08-R10) 350 "TR blocked to QI".

Using the MM-WM mov. type interface I want to transform in WM this MM-transfer posting into a WM-transfer between the Storage C01 and the C02.


I've already defined a new custom mov. type (called 902) with:

- Source --> C01 - QUALITY

- Dest --> C02 - NON_COMPL

and Shipment Type "U - Posting Change"

In the Logistics Execution-Warehouse Management-Interfaces-Inventory Management-Define Movement Types I’ve maintained the following record:

- Assign WM Movement Type References to IM Movement Types

350 TR blocked to QI 395 396 350

- LE-WM Interface to Inventory Management

W01 350 Q 902 A 1

But when I post the transfer posting in MM the system only create the WM-TO from C01 – QUALITY to 922-TR-ZONE “Posting Change Area”.

How can I automate the passage to the Storage Type “C02 – NON_COMPL?”

Any help is appreciated.