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Jun 11, 2013 at 09:27 AM

Multiple back-end document link from ERP always pointing to ERP1


Hi Team,

I am using SRM 7.02 ABAP system my SRM Portal version is : 7.3 SP8 and SRM ABAP system is connected to two ECC systems.

ECC1 and ECC2 version is : EHp5.

I am using classic scenario.

We have enabled "Links to SAP ERP Documents" functionality via switch SRM_CONT_IMPR_1.

We have assigned different product categories to the user with respective backend and based on that we are determining the backend system.

In our portal system we have created three system objects

  1. For SRM ABAP system alias SAP_SRM
  2. For ERP1 system alias SAP_ECC_Procurement
  3. For ERP2 system alias SAP_ECC_Procurement_2

Now when a Shopping cart is created and the corresponding back end document is created in configured ERP system (either 1 or 2), the back end document number is getting correctly updated in tracking tab.

If i click on the document number link to view back-end document, system always opens link to ERP1 system's ME23n transactional iView; even if the document is created in ERP2 system.

So in cases where the back end document is created in ERP2 system; the url iview fails.

I wanted to know what do i do to let system know when to switch the back end system and also where do i specify the ERP2 system alias?


Ashish Shah