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Jun 11, 2013 at 09:10 AM

Right click menu dissappears...


Hi all,

I have a PB 11.5.1. build 5097.

We have a working application that works fine when installed in a client server setup. Recently one of my customers asked to install the software and database in a datacenter and then use a .MSI package with RDP connection to this server.

We got this setup working but there are a few small issues

1) when one particular user (not all) connects and clicks right anywhere in our program to popup the rightclick popup menu, the menu will appear. But when the user moves his mouse cursor inside the popup menu , about 1-2 seconds the popup menu will close itself. The user didn't even have the chance to use any of the options inside this rightclick menu. The pc he's using is a windows 7 64 bit. This does not happen for other users who RDP connect themselves from windows xp or vista machines. We tested it on our windows 7 machine , and don't have this problem. So its only this user.

Any suggestions ? Remarks ? Windows update to the latest version.

2) we have the option to print documents with barcodes from our application. again for one user , the print preview shows the document just fine including the barcode. when he prints to the printer , the barcode doesn't show up. Other users using this same printer are able to print documents with barcodes on it.

I am guessing to update the printer driver ?

Thanks for any input , tips or advise.

Kind regards