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Former Member
Jun 10, 2013 at 08:17 PM

Dynamically adding objects into header/footer of datawindows (grid issue)


I need to dynamically add a text object into the header and/or footer of all datawindow controls in my application. Most of these controls contain a grid style dataobject. The side effect of grids is that it chops the header and footer width to the first column's width in the detail band. This has always bothered me but now it produces an unacceptable visual.

If the text to be assigned to the new object is wider than can fit in the column it is chopped. Auto size height is not an option and is also visually unappealing. This object must not take away from the display area vertically. Ideally I would like the text to extend past the column boundary if necessary (like Excel does automatically). How can this be accomplished?