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Jun 10, 2013 at 02:22 PM

Transaction iview using Sapgui when available


Hello Portal experts,

the requirement is to integrate ERP transactions into the portal which should preferably be launched in SAPGui.

I Know this can be defined in the iview properties, but we need both options (Gui (as default) and html-gui when the local Gui is not available).

The reason is, that if the users work on their local computers (or laptops), they will have the Gui installed and will want to use it. We have also parts of the portal exposed to the Internet. Now some users may access the portal from other computers (it could even be in an internet cafe) where we cannot know whether a gui is installed or not, in this case the transaction should be run in the webgui.

Is there a way to let the portal decide and choose the Gui if applicable ? (Not only must the gui be installed, also the system connection needs to be there in saplogon.ini).

So far the only chance I see is to offer a duplicate navigation, one menu for Gui iviews, the other menu für webgui iviews.

But maybe there is a better and more elegant solution ?

Kind regards,