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Jun 10, 2013 at 02:25 PM

Creating Editable Custom Order Series Key Figure for SNP


Dear All,

We have a business requirement to exclude the Expiring stock ( stock which will get expired in next 5-6 Months) from the SNP Heuristics Calculations at the DC Location. However SNP Heuristics does not recognizes the batch expiry dates and it still considers that stock as part of its stock on hand calculations.

So to meet the above requirements, We are planning to add custom Order Series Key figures to the SNP Planning book. This Custom Order Series Key figure should be editable in the planning book and users should be able to enter the values in the desired SNP bucket. This custom Order Series Key figure will be part of Total Demand calculations and hence We would also need this custom key figure values to appear in RRP3, RRP1 etc, so that at one single place, we have a overview of all requirements. We have done the below setup, but unfortunately we are unable to open this custom key figure in the editable view in the SNP Planning book. When we try to make this custom Order Series Key figures as input/output Mode in the design View of planning book, it gives a message Key figure <XXX> must not be set to ready for input and it remains in the non-editable model. Any pointers on how to make this Key figure editable ?

Set up done till now:

1) We have created a new Category called ZC with the category Type as Forecast and the reference Category as FA. This is to make this Custom Order Series Key Figure editable just like how Forecast Key Figure in editable in the SNP Planning book.

2) We have modified the SNP Planning area to include this new custom Order Series Key figures with semantics type as 000 and have also specified the category ZC.

3) Open the interactive SNP Planning book (/SAPAPO/SDP94) in interactive mode and try to make this custom Order Series Key figures as input/output. This is where we encounter the above message and this custom order series key figures still remains in non-editable mode.

We are also exploring the option of copying the data from Time Series to Order series using the SAP Standard T-CODE /SAPAPO/LCIN but in this T-CODE Target Planning area always remains as 9ASNP02. So should the time series be copied from our custom Planning area to Order series of 9ASNP02 and then again shall we copy back from 9ASNP02 to our custom Planning area using /SAPAPO/TSCOPY. Is this the approach taken generally ? However this copy approach looks bit tedious and hence we would prefer if users can enter the values directly in the Custom Order Series Key figure .

Please share any pointers on how to meet the above requirements in APO, considering the below 2 points

1) Client does not want a solution to be modelled in ECC ( For example R/3 solution would be like creating a future dated sales orders and keep on modifying that as per expiring stock or create some dedicated Storage location and move the stock to those storage locations and then storage locations stock can be excluded from Planning ). Client Prefers a solution to be modelled completely in APO.

2) Client also does not want to model this solution using Time Series Key figure. Reason being Time Series Key figures cannot be displayed in RRP3, RRP1 etc. we need visibility of what has been entered in this custom Key figure and hence if this Key figure is time series, we will not be able to track globally of what users have entered. For example if it were to appear in RRP1 or RRP3, then we can filter out on the categories and just view /extract a list of Products for which this has been entered globally.