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Jun 10, 2013 at 09:42 AM

Rounding values in APO planning area


Hello Community,

can somebody explain the behaviour of rounding values in APO planning area (on aggregate level) and how to set this behaviour.....

See below, can somebody explain the behaviour of following case:

I have 2 CVC's which are maintained in one bucket. Both CVC's have a value of 4.6 but it is displayed in planning book as value 5 (because of rounding).

Bucket 1 Bucket 1 displayed

CVC1 4.6 5

CVC2 4.6 5


Aggregation 9.2 -> 9 10

What is the correct value on the aggregated level? As you can see the value of each CVC is displayed as 5 although the correct value is 4.6 (because rounding is taken into account). Now, if the displayed value on aggregation level is 10 instead of 9 - then I will have a fuzziness which will become bigger and bigger on each higher aggregation level.

Which possibilities are there to control this behaviour and where do I have to do the settings?

Please reply.

Thanks and kind regards

Heinz Becker