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How table crmd_pml_descr and outlook mails are related while transferring mail to CRM in TMI2 role

Getting dump in test system while trying to transfer e-mail to CRM. During debug I found that dump is occurring as field structure <ls_form_desc> is not getting assigned. Class: CL_CRM_SEND_SCREEN, Method: GET_FORMS.

My question is when I try to transfer outlook e-mails to CRM, how entery in crmd_pml_descr table is related to that corresponding e-mail.

Thanks in advance for your response.

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3 Answers

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    Jan 25, 2017 at 07:58 AM

    Hello Alok,

    From which line is this dump generated?

    Is it here?

    READ TABLE lt_form_desc ASSIGNING <ls_form_desc> WITH KEY guid = <ls_mailform_structure>-mail_guid.IF <ls_form_desc>-description IS NOT INITIAL. ---->DUMP generated?


    From the source codes,

    If we create a mail form, we will input a mail ID, and mail description, right?

    Mail description will be stored in DB table CRMD_PML_DESCR. Other information will be kept in db tables

    crmd_pml_head,crmd_pml_ele, crmd_pml_txtsubj. From current source codes, we don't see the relation between form and e-mail.

    Can you provide more detailed information? Like the DUMP file. And the steps for how the issue happens.

    *By the way, what do you mean 'TMI2' role?

    Best Regards, Corrine

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    • Thanks Corrine for your response.

      Your guess is absolutely correct, the dump is occurring in line number 215.

      There are different business roles available according to requirements and TMI2 is one of them ( ZSMK_IC_TMI2-Inside Sales IC & ISE Desktop

      DUMP Details (ICT)

      Category ABAP Programming Error

      Runtime Errors GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED

      ABAP Program CL_CRM_SEND_SCREEN============CP

      Application Component CRM-BF-ML

      Date and Time 30.01.2017 17:17:13

      Waiting for your response.

      Best Regards


      e-mail-inbox.png (30.6 kB)
  • Jan 31, 2017 at 08:15 AM

    Hello Alok,

    Please set breakpoint and check this:

    READ TABLE lt_form_desc ASSIGNING <ls_form_desc> WITH KEY guid = <ls_mailform_structure>-mail_guid

    it seems there is no entry existing in db table CRMD_PML_DESCR for the <ls_mailform_structure>-mail_guid.

    Thus above statement actually doesn't assign anything to <ls_form_Desc> , and <ls_form_desc> keeps INITIAL.

    <ls_form_desc>-description generates DUMP since <ls_Form_desc> is INITIAL.

    If above assumption is correct (pls prove it by debugging), we need to know why the entry doesn't exist in CRMD_PML_DESCR. You can also make another test by creating a mail form from business role IC_MANAGER->create mail form. And check if there is a new entry added into db table CRMD_PML_DESCR.

    If possible, would you please copy the source codes in method CL_CRM_SEND_SCREEN->GET_FORMS and upload it here?

    The screenshot you provided, do you mean the problem happens when click on menu 'Email inbox'? Which page does it leads to ? is it ICCMP_INBOX? or ?...

    Best regards, Corrine

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    • prosess-1.pngprosess-2.png

      Hello Corrine,

      I have attached the working scenario of this issue (MS Word doc can't be uploaded so added screenshot). Its working fine in ICD but dump occurs in ICT. While checking version management I can't see any code difference in two system.

      While debugging, I analysed that field symbol <ls_form_desc> is not Initialized before using it. This is not initialized as the condition is not fulfilled.

      READ TABLE lt_form_desc ASSIGNING <ls_form_desc> WITH KEY guid = <ls_mailform_structure>-mail_guid language = <ls_mailform_structure>-language.

      Here mail_guid is OK but language is 1 (Chinese). When I checked in the table CRMD_PML_DESCR it contains only 'E'(English). As conditions are not met, field symbol is not initialized and hence causes Dump.

      Now I want to know how different language entries are maintained in table CRMD_PML_DESCR in ICD but not in ICT.

      Entries in Table CRMD_PML_DESCR are maintained when we create entry in mail from. There is also a translate option for maintaining entry in other language. But we don't see any option to maintain entry for mails whom we transfer to CRM also same mails (outlook inbox mails) appear in ICD system but they are working without any issue.

      Your support is highly appreciated.

      Best regards


      code.png (38.6 kB)
      prosess-1.png (67.3 kB)
      prosess-2.png (36.2 kB)
  • Feb 01, 2017 at 07:23 AM

    Hello Alok,

    I really don't think so far the issue is related to any email.

    Because this method GET_FORMS, its work is to return all mail forms, instead of a specific form relevant to an email. We can see this from the parameters -- it has no input parameter, it has only a returning parameter ET_FORMS.

    Since source codes are exactly the same, what I suggest to do next is to compare the entries between ICD and ICT:

    -- Please find the mail form of the exactly same mail ID which generate the problem. And then found its GUID in ICD and ICT, compare the entries in CRMD_PML_DESCR. There must be some difference between ICD and ICT:

    possible 1: in CRMD_PML_DESCR in ICT, there is one entry missed for language 1 while which exists in ICD.

    Or, possible 2: The same Mail ID doesn't exist in ICD at all. Then how did you create the mail form? How these mail id entries come into ICT? Do you create it manually from business role IC_MANAGER-> mail forms? Or did you transport these entries from ICD to ICT, or.....

    Best Regards, Corrine

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