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Jun 08, 2013 at 06:09 PM

ABT1n Intercompany Asset transfer


Hello All,

My company wants Intercompany asset transfer at the net book value of the asset

As in - if company code XYZ has an asset at acquis cost 100,000 and Acc Depr 40,000 and Net Book value as 60,000 as at a date. I want to transfer this asset in ABT1n to Co Code ABC at the Value of 60,000. I dont want to see the 100,000 old acq cost any more in the new company code.

I think we can do that using the net method correct me if . Can any one tell me the standard transaction types which can be used.

Also if my company want to sell from one company code to another what would be the process beside using ABT1n ?

Thanks In advance,