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Jun 08, 2013 at 08:51 AM

255 length required in SAP BW WEB Report without any split


Hi All,

we have multiple solutions of achieving 255 length in the data model. But in reporting we need to show text of 255 length without breaking or splitting same into 4 different fields.

We have tried multiple options but is it possible to achieve in Web or Bex by any means pl let me know.

In 3.x WAD there was one feature “Table Interface”. Using this Table Interface we could simply merge two columns into single. In 7.x WAD this feature is replaced with Modification Class. There is some class “” which need to be implemented (Analysis Grid). I tried using this class but there was no success. I could not find much documents related to this class.

If any body has more documents on this or way out pl share the details with all the coding etc or threads that will be really helpful.

Pl treat this as urgent.

Thanks and regards