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Jun 08, 2013 at 12:14 AM

Dynamic Parameter with a Description from a different table then the value


I have a basic report with two tables. The first table contains the main information that I need for the report and the second table contains the description, but it includes descriptions for several other tables as well. I have then linked as an inner join so that only the records that are included are the records I need from the first table, but I want to use the description as the parameter because that is the information that the end user has available to them.

If I do a dynamic parameter that references the description field, it lists every description in the table including the hundreds of descriptions that are related to other tables in the database.

The first table has an ID field that is the primary key, and i tried to create a dynamic parameter that contains the ID field as the value and the description from the second table. My hope was that because the tables were linked with an inner join, that would limit the list to only the descriptions that exist in the first table. The problem is when I reference 2 different fields in the dynamic parameter, the prompt does not have any Available Values to select and the parameter can only be cancelled.

Is there any way to limit a dynamic parameter based on the fields that are in another table?