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Jun 07, 2013 at 10:07 PM

How to access the properties of an OLE object in a datawindow object in powerscript?


By any chance do you know how to access the properties of an ole object in a datawindow in PB Clasic 12.1. First time I am playing with OLE object in a datawindow.

This is the scenario:

I have a data window dw_1 and in dw_1 I inserted an ole object ole_1 (ole_1 is an Angular Gauge to represent % of Labor Efficiency).

Then I have window with a datawindow control and I use dw_1 as my dataobject. The gauges show up perfectly and seems to be working because if I click on it the needle, it moves to where I click in the ole (at run time).

Also the datawindow work fine (retrieve the data).

The ole_1 object property I need to access is NeedleValue and you set the value with a method SetNeedleValue(Double x). How do I access this method ?

If I tray to set the value of NeedleValue it does not assign the value (at run time), but I think I am not accessing the property correctly. In the datawindow painter the properties are change without any problem

Help on How to access the properties of the ole_1 inside of a datawindow?

If I double click the object in the datawindow painter the properties window of the ole shows and I can change the properties. Now at run time I do not know how to access the properties.

Also this is the code I used to try to set the value to the mentioned property.


As this line of code execute nothing happens. It just go thru like if it works.

I also use dw_1.object.ole_1.NeedleValue = 123 then I get "Error accessing external object property NeedleValue at line xxx".

Also I attached the ocx just in case somebody have a chance and give me an advice.

I will appreciate any input.


Clarence A