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Jan 10, 2017 at 02:32 PM

Get XML from website with dynamic parameter


Hello People,

I have a scenario in which I have to get the XML from a website, I've read many posts but since I'm kind newbie with PI(Just made a few JDBC,FTP scenarios) I'm not getting exactly what I have to do.

I'm on SAP PI 7.4 double stack without REST adapter. Using SoapUI to get the XML is pretty easy with REST project, analysing the raw information it says "Content-Type: text/xml"

What I was trying to do is create a Proxy<->PI<->HTTP_AAE(get) synchronous interface sending a date as a parameter for the URL and getting the XML as the response

I have many doubts among them are, can I make a simple mapping sending the date and retrieving the XML from the service? How am I going to redirect the date value from my outbound XML to the website parameter? On HTTP_AAE adapter what do I have to fill the obligatory field "Main Payload PArameter Name", and the field Target Port, is it 80 or another?

Thanks in advance