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Jun 07, 2013 at 02:51 PM

Migration of 3.x Dataflow into 7.x


Hello Everyone..

I am updating our 3.x dataflow to 7.x (7.3 specifically). I have found some good documentation on the SDN but have a question or two.

When using the Migrate Data Flow option the newly generated DTP and transformations (RSDS nor TRCS) entries do not get updated into the transport. At first I thought it was a setting in my Transport Connection but the Collection Mode is set to Automatic and the Grouping is set to In Dataflow Before and Afterwards.

Do DTP's and Transformation need to be manually added?

Lastly, I am making the changes to the Routines that we have in transformations. Is best practice to disconnect the current transformation, save it, then reconnect the source to the target so the routines get updated with the current method?