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Jun 07, 2013 at 12:29 PM

Purchase requisition created via MRP


Hi All,

I have a strange issue in PR request date.

I have created sales order for 20 no's on 10/05/2013 with delivery date as 30/05/2013

stock is zero.

Planned dely time 5 days

GR proc time - 1 day

MRP executed on 10/05/2013

after MRP run

the PR created with Request date as - 12/05/2013

Release date as - 24/05/2013

Delivery date as - 29/05/2013

Here my question is since the PR is created by MRP on 10/05/2013 the request date should be 10th instead of 12th but i wonder why it happens like that?

In some case it gives deviation of 4 days in request date in Pur.req.

My PR is not firmed will that be a reason.because my MRP run happens 3 times daily.

Throw some lights.