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Jun 07, 2013 at 11:07 AM

Carry forward budget


Dear Sapinet

Last year budget consumed in current year during posting of expenses document. fiscal year april to march.

Step 1

Posted one expenses related document on dated 31.03.2012 rs 10000 (FB60) ,Budget report (FMRP_RW_BUDCON) shows in 2012 rs 10000 consumed.

Step 2

Document reversed on 1st April 2013. Budget revert back in the year 2013. Budget report (FMRP_RW_BUDCON) shows in 2013 rs 10000 available and in consumed column it is showing -10000)

Step - 3

Posted document under same fund center & commitment item in the current fiscal year i.e 01.04.2013 but system consuming budget from the available budget of last year. Client required last year budget year should not be used in the current year.

As per the above test case my client requirement is last year budget should not be used in the current year. Your valuable suggestion is appreciated.

Please suggest how to restrict the revert back budget of last year in the current year.