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Jun 07, 2013 at 10:13 AM

How to Find Opening Stock , total Issue and total Received Stock and Closing Stock by Material Group in local Currency??


My report si Looks Like

Material Group MARA-MATKL Material Group Description T023T-WGBEZ Opening Stock MBEWH-SALK3 Total Issue MSEG-SALK3 Total Recived MSEG-SALK3 Closing Stock MBEWH-SALK3

Logic For Finding Opening Stock

Select all MARA-MATNR From MARA Where MATKL=Input Range Given By User For Material Group Select All Material From MARC Where MARA-MATNR=MARC-MATNR and MARC-WERKS= Input Given By User User For Plant Sum All MBEWH-SALK3 of MBEWH where MBEWH-MATNR=MARC-MATNR , MBEWH-BWKEY=MARC-WERKS , MBEWH-LFGJA=Year Input By User ,MBEWH-LFMON= Previous Month Of Input Month Store It in Internal Table MARA-MATKL and MBEWH-SALK3, This Internal Table Contain Total Stock Value Of A Single Material Group Repeat All Steps For Next Material Group

Now Help Me how to Find Total Issu And Receive Stock that month