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Jun 07, 2013 at 06:41 AM

Outgoing Payment issue


Dear Experts,

Till now we were using Journal Entry system for Petty Cash A/c. not Outgoing or Incoming Payment. In journal Entry we are having multiple general ledger for entry.


A/c. Name Dr. Cr.

10204005 petty cash 1000.00

50101001 conveyance 1000.00

10204005 petty cash 3000.00

50101002 freight inward 3000.00

10204005 petty cash 1000.00

50101003 accommodation 1000.00

And when we checking General Ledger A/c. for 10204005 petty cash then we can see total number of lines in there.But when we using outgoing payment system for the same and checking general ledger for 10204005 petty cash it is just showing first two lines only


A/c. NAme Dr. Dr.

10204005 petty cash 5000.00

50101001 conveyance 5000.00

We were needed the general ledger report as like in journal entry system gives us.

Any suggestion would be highly appreciated.