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Jun 07, 2013 at 07:07 AM

Show text in one variable's list of values appearing in another variable


Hi Gurus

I have 2 infoobjects (NUMC 8), one of them is referenced and other one is not. The one which is referenced is Master Data text enabled. Now, i have two reports built on 2 different infoproviders each utilizing one object from above.

In nuthsell,

Query Q1 --> using Object O1 (object O1 is not referenced)

Query Q2 --> using Object O2 (object O2 is referenced, Master Data Text enabled)

Now, if i use Variables on both, i see that variable on O1 (say V1) shows Key value in filter list of value to select for.

And Variable on Object O2 (say V2) shows both Key and Text value in the list of values when clicked on to filter for.

Both the objects (o1 and O2) are not present in the infoprovider on which Q1 is built. We need to show the Text and Key values for the list of values of V1 somehow. That means when user clicks on to filter on V1, then he should see the correspnding text to the keys. Both the objects (O1 and O2) depicts Global ID for Employee. That means the variables V1 and V2 accepts same key value to filter.

Please help in suggesting how to show text values in V1 List of values which ever is listed in V2 list of values.

Thanks in advance