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Jun 06, 2013 at 07:08 PM

SAP BI BO security


Hi Gurus,

I have 3 question to BO Security.

Task. In a company we have 500 sales people with different hierarchy. Like GM, under him Divisional manger, under him, sales manager, under him sales reps etc. This will be a hierarchy coming from SAP BW. Also the Info cube has the sales employee number information.


Objective is, when each employee run the report, he should be able see records belongs to his employee ID. But when his manager/supervisor runs the report he should be able to see records Belong to him and his subordinate employee data as well.

How to implement this scenario in SAP BI BO combination. We are in BO 4.X environment, BW 7.3.

Option 1). There is no universe, if you connect Bex to BOBJ tools Via BICS connections.

If there is no universe, it has to be done at the BEx level.

Option2) Connecting to BW cubes via relational connection. I believe in this case we cannot use bex

Via relational (OLAP) connection .So therefore Bex authorization variables are not support6ed.


No of user’s access: In BO we have CPU licenses and BW is based on number of users.

The back end is SAP BW. Front end is all BOBJ tools. Since we have CPU license. So there will not be any limit on the number of users on the BOBJ side. BW license is based on no of users (I believe we have 50). If we have 300 BO users and wanted to implement the above reporting requirements, do we have to buy additional licenses or is there any way to pass the system ID to get all data from BI and display related information in BO. Like it happens in Process chain.

Question3 : Right tool

We have the drill down reporting where at first it display the higher level numbers and once if we click on the link it should go to next page and shown detail information . Which BOBJ tool is best for this kind of analysis? I know this Can be done in WEBI. But I want the expert opinion.









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You help is highly Appreciated.