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Jun 06, 2013 at 03:36 PM

Make a Test before Saving data to an Infotype ( HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION )



I have a problem saving data to infotype 2007

Step 1.

First I would make a test before saving data, after that I would Know If there are some errors. I use HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION function , with NOCOMMIT = 'X' and ROLLBACK WORK .... (It does not SAVE ANYTHING)

Step 2.

If there are not errors ( in step 1 ) . I should save, I use the same function ( HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION) but when I save ( COMMIT WORK AND WAIT )

SAP save two rows in infotype 2007 ( one for each step )

I would like to know if it exists some Function to make a test or how can i use HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION, for making a test an after that Save just one row