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Jun 06, 2013 at 11:51 AM

SAP report for fetching document undergoing CREDIT REORGANIZATION


Hello Friends,

As far as we understand any document (sales order or Delivery), can have a credit block for multiple reasons based on the configuration done.

Whenever such a document has a credit block, we have 2 options:

Option 1) Release the document from the credit block using transactions VKM3, VKM4 or VKM5. In such cases the document is released from the block & the release date is captured in the sales order header (VBAK-CMFRE). Such documents can be fetched by a report (standard or custom), where the release date can act as a selection parameter.

Here the document header status for the field VBUK-CMGST changes from B to D

Option 2) Document under credit reorganization, this can be done by using programs RVKRED06 or RVKRED09. Normally these programs are executed after the receipt of payment from the customer, after which the credit block is lifted from sales order & it can be processed further.

Here the document header status for the field VBUK-CMGST changes from B to A

Our requirement is to have a report, where we can fetch the sales order which undergo the OPTION 2, that is credit reorganization.

Also we need to have the date (on which the document was reorganized) as a selection parameter.

We tried many reports available in standard, but it doesnt seem to meet this requirement.

This requirement of ours is a critical one & any help / pointers from you will be highly appreciated.

Please let us know. Many thanks.