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Jun 06, 2013 at 09:55 AM

HTTP Request Post Method holds 5000 entries


Hi Experts,

We found a weird change in our BSP Application after we upgraded our ERP ECC6 Enh3 to Enh6.

In our BSP page html input controls gets generated at runtime and data gets filled in. When I submit the form (method = Post), I could see complete form data is not submitted to server.

When I debug the code I found some thing strange that request->get_form_fields ( changing fields = it_filds ) could hold only 5000 rows/records, another things that it give an exception - CX_SY_STRG_PAR_VAL but control passes to the next statement.

I never seen this issue before upgrade. We have compared all the http parameters in server with a backup server, all are same.

Can anyone please advise whether this is a known issue happens after the upgrade and any Notes available for the same.