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Jun 06, 2013 at 09:41 AM

Shipment Cost Net Value to be Distributed to Delivery Items


Hi Guys,

I have this client in which they would want to manually enter the shipment net value in the shipment cost document and within the document, they would want to see the shipment cost divided among the deliveries in that shipment.



Shipment AB have 2 deliveries:

Delivery A - 2000 KG

Delivery B - 1000 KG


Shipment AB cost net Val = 10000 PHP (Phil. Peso)

Delivery A - 5000 PHP

Delivery B - 5000 PHP


Shipment AB cost net Val = 10000 PHP

Delivery A - 7500 PHP

Delivery B - 2500 PHP

Current system just divides the cost into 50/50. Delivery A = 5000, Delivery B = 5000 since Delivery B has fewer contents the allocation of the cost per delivery item will be quite high in Delivery B compare to A.

Hope you can provide me the steps on how I can set up a pricing procedure which will allow manual shipment cost net val entry then divide the total cost among the deliveries but taking into consideration the delivery quantities.

Best Regards,