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Jun 06, 2013 at 09:08 AM

pricing procedure change in Service PO


Dear All,

We created a Service PO and based on vendor schema group, it picks a pricing procedure. Later we came to know that the pricing procedure of that service PO should be different. So we changed schema group in vendor master and trying to update pricing procedure in PO conditions tab. but its giving message "New pricing is no longer possible". In debug mode we skipped that message, then it displayed one window. then we are clicking on B option. but still pricing procedure not updating.

For a Material PO, we could easily change the pricing procedure(by reentering purchase org & comp. code, then new pricing procedure is picking) but its not happening for service PO(purchase org. & comp. code are in grey mode).

I go through this note 634395(some service po fields cannot be changeable). Is there any alternative way to enable the fields. Or any way to change pricing procedure.

Creation of new PO is not acceptable. because its an import PO. so already customs and other duties paid against this po number.