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Jun 06, 2013 at 08:04 AM

3G problem on SUP 2.1.3


We have a native iPad application working with SUP 2.1.3 .

On Wifi networks, we have no problem, but on 3G connections , sometimes we can not sync with SUP.

We found that in Known Issues

Devices on 3G/4G network not able to connect to Unwired Server.

A connectivity issue may occur between the device and Unwired Server. The current client libraries use a protocol that supports HTTP chunked transfer-encoding only. 3G/4G traffic might, in some cases, be subject to content filtering and convert the messages from chunked transfer-encoding to fixed content-length if the communication is done via standard HTTP ports, which most commonly are 80 and 8080. Since the client application can support only chunked transfer-encoding, the communication cannot be established. In effect, a response cannot be sent back to the server indicating that the device is online.

Note: For devices on WiFi networks, the connection between a device and Unwired Server establishes without error.

Workaround: Use a non-standard HTTP port (any port other than 80 or 8080) or an HTTPS port, that is, 443 for Unwired Platform client communication from devices to the Relay Server or external load balancer, whichever one is used, in the DMZ.

But we can not change HTTP port on Sybase Control Center, how can change this port or how can fix this problem