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Jun 06, 2013 at 01:11 AM

how to copy objects from 1 transport to another ?


Hi Guys,

I have one failed transport RC=8, and its failing because 1 transformation is missing in that. Its a huge transport. I have spent a lot of time collecting the objects in this transport. Now I have 2 questions regarding this. Can you experts please advise.

1) If a dso has 2 transformations, 1 from Infosource to DSO and the 2nd from Infosource to Datasource. If the transport has only 1 transformation in it, which is the one from Infosource to DSO and the 2nd transformation is missing in the transport. (both are active in the Q environment). Now my question, if the transport which has only 1 of these 2 transfromation's goes to Q, and as it does not have the 2nd transf in it. Will the 2nd transfromation gets deactive or it does not. To be precise, if a dso has 2 trasnf and both are active in Q ...if again we send the 1st trasnf between the Inforsource and the dso , will the 2nd transfromation gets deactive. To resolve this, do we need to send both the transfromation again.

2) If there is 1 transformation missing in the transport, and instead of recollecting all the objects for that transport, I want to include the objects in the failed transport to the new one. I tried the include objects option, and its adding to the main request instead of the task. I want to add the objects to the task and not to the main request. Is there any other option , where we can include the objects from the failed request into the newly created task. Please advise.

Thank you,