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Jun 05, 2013 at 10:04 PM

Approval item "Approved" but logically deleted and then re-sent to same approver


Hi everybody

We're seeing an intermittent issue with approvals of shopping carts within SRM that is forcing the person in workflow to "Approve" the same shopping cart twice. Here is the order of events:

1) User creates a shopping cart with an ad-hoc item and submits it for approval. We have code written that adds a "Buyer" as the first level approver and a "Financial Controller" as the second level of approval in workflow. These are programmatically added to the n-step workflow for the cart.

2) The "Buyer" or their substitute logs into SRM and from the UWL, they click on the shopping cart to look at its contents before approving. The Approve" radio button on each line item is checked and the user clicks "Submit" to approve the shopping cart

3) The "Buyer" closes the shopping cart after approval and goes back to their UWL and clicks "Refresh". The same shopping cart that they just approved shows back up in their UWL.

If look at the initial approval flow before the shopping cart is submitted, it will show:

Line 1: Buyer Approval - Open (No Decision Made) - User1

Line 2: Financial Approval - Open (No Decision Made) - User2

When the duplicate approval issue shows up, the approval workflow after it has been approved once appears as follows

Line 1: Multiple Decision Sets

Line 2: Buyer Approval - Logically Deleted - User1 - Approved

Line 3: Buyer Approval - Open (No Decision Made) - User 1

Line 4: Financial Approval - Open (No Decision Made) - User 2

I know that on another post someone said that the "Logically Deleted" is due to the user changing something while the approval step is being performed but in the examples I've seen so far, the user is simply clicking "Submit" to approve the shopping cart and they haven't manually changed anything on the cart. If I look in change history on the shopping cart, it does have an entry that says that the user did change the Vendor but that is happening on ALL shopping carts. I would normally expect to see this "double approval" happen on all shopping carts if that was the problem but that's not what we're seeing at the moment. I'm struggling to try and find the pattern to explain why it's happening on a small percentage of the carts but not on all of them.

Has anyone else run across this problem. Here are the details on our environment:

SRM 7.0 Enhancement pack 1 service pack 7

We're still using the "Application Based" workflow and have not switched to Process Based yet.

This is for Classic Scenario

Any input/ideas would be appreciated.