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Jun 05, 2013 at 07:47 PM

Archiving Custom Fields


Hi Experts,

I am new to the archiving object and Many queries coming up on which I have a limited answers and could not proceed without clarifications for these.

As per my current understanding an Archiving object picks data from different tables

1. IF an object AO1 has TABLE1 ( Field 1A,Field 1B, Field 1C) and TABLE 2 (Field 2A,Field 2B, Field 2C) mapped . When AO1 is archived based on the logic AO1 will archive TABLE1( Field 1A Filed 1B -- possibility that not field1 C) and Table 2 ( Field 2A, possibility that not Field 2B , Field 2C) .

Is my understanding correct that only Field 1A,Field 1B , Field 2A and Field 2C will be archived and not Field1 C & Field 2B

2. If my undestanding of point 1 is correct ,DB15 gives the list of tables under an archive object but how can we know the list of fields from each table in an archiving object?

3. AOBJ shows an option to exclude the list of tables for deletion from an archive object is there any option to display those fields in an archive object?

4. There are custom fields (Append structures) in table VBAK. When SD_VBAK archive object is archived how can the custome fields can be included for archive.Custom tables yes separate archive object has to be created but what about the custom fields in the standard table

Kindly provide your valuable inputs