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Jun 05, 2013 at 08:44 PM

Error generate PROXY from WSDL using RPC style


Hi Experts,

I have a next one interface:

WS <---> PI <----> ERP

the WSDL import is with RPC style then I dont have mapping.

when Generate the PROXY, Im get error because WSDL have a ArrayType:

this is error:

the WSDL in this LINE is:

url :

I read a document from SDN that says, you must change the arrayType by SEQUENCE, but to change it just does not work, it returns the following error:

Cannot use string offset as an array.

This is XML RESPONSE from Web Services:

(I get this Correct Response because I generate WS from PI to execute the WSDL WS<--->PI<--->WS)

plis, help me in this error.


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