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Jun 05, 2013 at 03:59 PM

Issue in catalog profile assignment to notification


Hi All,

When i am creating a quality notification through QM01, the system is asking me to enter the catalog profile in a pop up. If i enter there that will be copied to the notification otherwise no catalog profile will be assigned to the notification.

My question is when i am creating a quality notification from the action box of the existing notification (which is having a catalog profile) system is creating a new notification in the background. But that notification is not having any catalog profile assigned to it. As i read from the SAP help, there are 3 ways of assigning catalog profile to the notification

  1. By assigning in the material master
  2. By assigning to the notification type
  3. By assigning to report type

I don't opt for the first two options as i need the catalog profile to be maintained at the plant level. So i created a report type and assigned a catalog profile to it.

Here comes the question. How i can link this report type at plant level?

Please give your valuable inputs.


Krishna Chandra