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Former Member
Jun 05, 2013 at 03:23 PM

Charting Ratios with Shared Variable


Good day all,

I have finanial ratios developed and have passed them to a subreport. (Testing on one ratio at the moment, as once this is done, the rest should be the same steps)

I need to graph the ratio such as Total Margin now on a graph. In all of the google and reseach so far, the only way to do this in crystal is to send it to a subreport. I "see" the shared variable now in the subreport, but can not get it to graph. I get an error message "A print time formula that modifies variables is used in a chart or map detail". In the crystal reports charting on print-time formulas the document makes no sense to me after reading and re-reading it. I was able to get the shared variable to show in the chart expert to pick which I was not able to before, so have made great progress, now only the error to see what will produce on the chart. An item that also may be causing it is the grouping as there is really not a group, s picked the highest level of company.

Has anyone here attempted to do this and would be able to offer suggestions or assistance as I have hit a road block and the brain is not ramping my head around the concept.