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Jun 05, 2013 at 02:43 PM

Process Orchestartion with Mapping Objects in NWDS IFlow


Hi Experts,

Alexander Bundschuh wrote an excellent document on Asynch/Sync Bridge using NWDS. In the document, no operation/mapping was used since the async request/response message uses the same structure as the WS synch back-end request/response.

My scenario is JMS(Async) to WS(Synch) using a bridge. The response of the WS needs to map to another JMS message within the bridge. In my scenario I need to create message mappings objects since the message structures are different.

I was able to create one operation mapping from the JMS(outbound) to WS(Inbound) with the appropriated message mapping (got a warning about linking async and sync messages) but now what do I do about the response ws to the JMS inbound one? The operation mapping won’t let me pick the response message of my source ws service interface since both of the service interfaces in the operation mapping are not synch, so it’s selecting the ws post message by default and I cannot toggle to the response since I don’t have the tabs (Request/Response/Fault) available on the source.

So question, do I need one or more operation mappings and/or only message mappings for this scenario? Do I need another asynch service interface that would match the WS response, do the mapping and then map to the JMS response service interface?


Yves Bernier