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Jun 05, 2013 at 02:52 PM

Records are missing if I use navigational attributes in a query


Hello Gurus,

I am facing an issue in one BEx report with the navigational attributes in a DSO (call it A). This DSO (A) holds material information & Nav Attr are turned on at DSO level. The source for this DSO is an Infoset (Infoset is based on 3 InfoObjects).


For example When I query it based on DSO A & if I include only material in the query I get 200records. Once I include the navigational attributes of material i.e. Material Type, etc into the output the record count remains same in sandbox system but not in quality system. Around half of the records are missing in quality where as in sandbox the count remains same. I have verified the material data and the missing data does exist in quality.

I wonder what could be the issue here. Any help is aprpeciated.