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Jun 05, 2013 at 01:28 PM

BObj Server Clone Copy giving WIS 00027 error


Apologies but I am new to BOBJ so I may be overlooking something simple here.

We are going through a process of moving our BObj Hardware.

As part of this we have created a clone copy of the BObj Server, same host name, different IP, different domain. After testing, this clone copy will become our Live BOBJ Server.

Both systems are connected to our LIVE BW Server.

I am comparing a WEBI report on the Live BOBJ Server against what the Clone BOBJ Server shows.

When I go to a WEBI report on Live and same in Clone via Document List I get the same results....good!

However, when I refresh the report in both environments, on Live this works OK, but in Clone I am getting an error, and I don't understand why I am getting this error but just on Clone Copy!!!!

The error states:

Removing skipped prompts from the query will introduce new prompts. This introduces complexities that cannot be supported (Error: WIS 00027)

Anyone got any ideas what is going on, what does the error mean and why am I only getting this on Clone?

We are BObj Enterprise XI

Many Thanks