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Jan 10, 2017 at 01:47 PM

Outbound Delivery against a project reservation in case of Automatic requirement grouping


Hi Experts,

Business has created a material reservation (Valuated project stock) in a project.

That project is activated for Automatic requirement grouping. Further, business is trying creating a outbound delivery, picking and goods issue from project stock.

They are able to create a outbound delivery with top WBS (Grouping WBS element) but stuck in picking via VL02N/LT03 for movement type 281.

The system is throwing an error message "Storage type 001 does not allow negative stock figures".

I have checked all the required settings have been placed for Automatic requirement grouping Like Valuated project stock, Ticking Automatic grouping indicator in project definition, Periodic lot size in the material master and Lot-sizing procedure.

Moreover, during testing in Test sever; I found an example where special stock number is showing as 909787-99.05.95 in a delivery 148040. Because, already PO/GR/Transfer order was created with special stock number 909787-99.05.95.

Now, while doing LT03 transaction for the delivery 148040, special stock number is showing as 909787. Why so??

Are we missing some more settings for Automatic requirement grouping?

Should we use top WBS (Grouping WBS element) or a lower WBS (generated requirement) in outbound delivery?

How to do the transfer order creation from delivery LT03 in this case?

Kindly suggest.

Thanks in advance!!