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Jun 05, 2013 at 08:37 AM

How to update the negative values in key figure APODPDANT?


Hello Team,

We are using the report /SAPAPO/TS_LCM_QUERY to check the negative values in the key-figure(KF) APODPDANT.

We want to enhance the report functionality to achieve the following -

  1. Add a column to the detailed report to show the negative values for the KF.
  2. Clear the negative values for the KF.

We have tried to create a macro to clear the negative proportional factors for the KF. But this solution did not work out as desired (long story) 😔

I have debugged the code and understand the entire business functionality is delegated to the FM - /SAPAPO/TS_LCM_DATA_QUERY. It calls the FM /SAPAPO/OM_TS_QUERY_OBJECTS to fetch the data from the LiveCache(LC). The data is fetched from the LC via the stored proc SAPTS_QUERY_OBJECTS.

I have figured out that we need to copy the program & the function to custom code and do the changes. I am able to add the column to the detailed report output as well 😊

I have a couple of questions, they are -

  1. Are the values returned by /SAPAPO/OM_TS_QUERY_OBJECTS (ET_ANSWERS-VALUE1) the negative values for the KF APODPDANT? If yes, how can i check these LC values? I have tried using the LCA transaction hub - /SAPAPO/OM00 - but could not figure out how to use! 😕
  2. Is there any technique to update these values(from Step(1) above) in the LC? Any function, method et al.

Thanks for your feedback.




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