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Jun 05, 2013 at 07:57 AM

Installing ST-A/PI Add-On after it was deleted during SUM upgrade.


Hello World,

we are performing an upgrade from ECC6.0 to EhP6.0 + HR AddOn.

MOPZ configured the XML-Stack file for the most part correctly.

But for some bizarre reason it insisted it couldn't find any upgrade info for ST-A/PI.

Now I have to say that it wasn't me who enter the system in the SolMan MOPZ, so I can't vouch for a complete XML file.

I tried to find any ST-A/PI packages on the MOPZ list, but failed.

Trying to include ST-A/PI as as downloaded Saint Packages failed as well.

After several failed attempts, SUM started to complain about "can not find matching cofile" during the EPS inbox check.

Since this is just for the test/sandbox system at the moment (in preparation for the real deal), I finally decided to chose the option "delete..." for it.

I did so also because I found a note which claims that ST-A/PI can be installed at any time (later on), w/o impacting any other code within the system.

Now I'd like to know if anyone has had experiences with installing ST-A/PI and could point me into the right direction as to where to get the proper files for that.

As far as I understand it now, ST-A/PI is installed via SAINT & EPS packages.

Is it truly that simple or am I missing anything here?

I'll try to find out why SUM claimed it couldn't find any upgrade info for ST-A/PI before we continue, but for now my main concern is to be able to hand the a fully functional system over to the biz for testing.

Thanks in advance for any help