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Jun 05, 2013 at 07:12 AM

Listing & Exclusion Query


Dear Experts,

I have a query regaridng Listing and Exclusion, there is a customer A and material 1234 and the same material has a product hirerchy ABC123. Now we maintained listing and exclusion in following way for example:-

1. Lising :- Customer/material/sales org --A/1234/ABBB

2. Exclusion:- Customer/Product Hirerchy/Sales Org -- A/ABC123/ABBB

Now when i was trying to create a sales order with customer A & material number 1234 i am getting an error of exclusion. as the material is having product hirerechy ABC123.

So my Question is, is it possible when we create a sales order the system will check listing first and then exclusion, i mean to say that the system will allow material 1234(listing) but will exclude other material which are having product hirerchy ABC123.

I hope that the question is clear.

looking forward for your replies.