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Jun 05, 2013 at 04:14 AM

ABAP in eclipse connection problem


Dear Experts

Just now i have installed the eclipse and all the necessary components that's required for development for ABAP and UI5. When i try to connect the back-end ABAP system. I am getting the error as below

Logon on system failed(System abc does not support Eclipse based ABAP development tools). The error screen shot is also attached .Now my questions are

1) What is the minimum patch level, Components and which EHP level is required, What version of Net weaver ?

My current Net Weaver pack is 7.01 and EHP 4

2) What are the necessary roles and authorization objects required for the eclipse ABAP development?

3) My SAP GUI release 720 and patch level is 7.

4) My purpose is to develop UI5 application and host it in cloud. What are required for development. My back end will be SAP ERP for new class will be created and in UI5 the methods will be accessed. This is my idea. For this development what all the thinks required?


Vijay Mukunthan


Eclipse_error.jpg (88.1 kB)