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Former Member
Jun 04, 2013 at 08:45 PM

Mandatory fields not working


Hi All,

in web UI (CRM7.0), I've configured a few fields (like description) in Lead as mandatory. When I created a new Lead, if I leave Description empty and try to save, it gives error because Description is mandatory, this is correct.

Now I enter some description and save it. Then I get out of the Lead, then come back in, open the Lead in Edit mode, now if I remove the Description and try to save the Lead, it is successfully saved without giving the error message ( remember Description is configured as mandatory and now the description is empty).

However after the successful save (with Description is empty), if I change it to Edit mode again, now I get the error message saying Description is not provided.

How come this is not working? did anyone experience the same issue? how to make it work?