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Jun 04, 2013 at 05:23 PM

Not sure how to do this?


I'm far from a Crystal expert; I just know the basics. Hoping you can point me in the right direction on this report.

The report is comparing user account data (names and positions) between tables that live in two separate databases. This report is basically a "clean-up" tool for spelling errors. I am printing data for those records that do not have matching first_names, last_names, or job_titles. I had to use the "replace" function to take care of some differences that we can't do anything about (the Active Directory table won't do slashes, and they use them in the other table, so I have to ignore those differences). And that works fine. This is the record selection formula I used:

{ActiveDirectory.givenName}<>{EMPLOYEE.FIRST_NAME} or


(Replace ({ActiveDirectory.title},'-',' ') <> Replace ({JOBCODE.DESCRIPTION},'/',' ' ) and

Replace ({ActiveDirectory.title},'-',' ') <> Replace ({JOBCODE.DESCRIPTION},'-',' ') and

{ActiveDirectory.title} <> Replace ({JOBCODE.DESCRIPTION},'/','-'))

I attached a screen shot of what the report looks like. (well, I tried - it won't let me post an attachment for some reason)

What I need to do now, is identify those items that do not match...somehow flag them in the second group of columns. One suggestion was to place a column after the last 3 (the employee file fields), containing a "X" , if that value is different than the value AD fields. I don't really have much room, I'll probably have to add a second line, but I don't know what to use to set this flag. I also looked at the highlight expert, but I can only compare to actual values - not a field. Any suggestions?